Some words from Chechen's

" We are crazy because we have to be crazy "

" The term "crazy" is a definition of being abnormal and the ordinary people call them "crazy" to describe the Noxhcy's difference from the ordinary "

" it is a sin for a noxcho guy to be shown scared or unmanly "

" it is a big shame to be a lier that's why we always say the truth "

" The line between being genious and being crazy is too thin "

" Noxhcy are full of energy and are eager to act so while the ordinary people sit and wait and think, Noxchy act "

" One example: When 100 people are insulted by an offender force and when 99 of that 100 are afraid but 1 is not afraid and attacks the insulter, the other 99 cowards call their action as normal and call the 1 honourable one "crazy". "

" it is a shame for a noxcho to show his pain "

" there'll always be a seed to grow "

" Noxhcy are intelligent, full of energy, distinguished individuals and different from the ordinary people so Noxhcy are called "avdul" :-) "

" lol why are we crazy?
coz we grew up in mountains...... "

" coz our parents raised us to respect elders and value a true friend "

" because inside in our hearts we believe in love and honor
maybe because we get mad fast "

" because we have blood that nobody can take away and that blood wont allow us
to stay calm "

" because the love in the eyes of an elder mother is stronger than anything
else in the world "