Here is another Noxcy meal, Sisgalgy Khudur. Which can be eat on lunch better.

Khudur has different types like Nishy Khudur (khudur made with starch, fresh butter and grape molasses), Shur Khudur (milk, white flour, beerem - a special fresh saltless Chechen chese, and fresh butter), and Sisgalghy Khudur.

Sisgalghy Khudur has a special ingredient which is "Sisgal Flour". Sisgal flour is different than the normal white flour. And also is different from the corn flour that you can find at the markets. Sisgal flour is the flour where the dried corns are first roasted in the oven and then grinded. The bread cooked by using this flour is called "Sisgal" (famous Chechen bread where you can also use as bullet proof material:) ) . Later on, in another page we will try to give "How to Cook Sisgal".


We start by boiling the water in a saucepan. Per one person there should be put 1-1,5 glass full of water. Into the water we are putting middle size spoonfull of salt. Then leave it on the fire until it boils up.

By the way, the amount of the flour must be double of the amount of water.



When the water is boiled its time for adding the sisgal flour into the saucepan. The amount of the flour is the double of the water that we had put for boiling.

Adding the sisgal flour into the boiling water must be done carefully.


Sisgal flour must be added by spreading in order to prevent the flour to get a roundish lumpy shape in the water.


While adding the flour into the saucepan we should make a mixing movement by a hand mixer like in the photos. Noxcy people used to make this mixing by the wooden hand mixer that we call it "Khudur Kigo Ber". You can also see it from the photos.


The mixture should be like a very hard baby meal.


After adding all the sisgal flour into the mixture we should cook it by mixing for 15 minutes. While mixing the khudur it should be boiling at the same time.


After cooking the khudur it should be served as seen on the photos.


We put the khudur into a deep meal dish. Then we put fresh butter in the middle of the khudur. The amount of the frest butter is up to your likes.


After putting the fresh butter in the middle of the khudur, we put some grape molasses (hard boiled grape juice) on the fresh butter as seen from the photos.


Ones who like, may also serve Sisgalghy Khudur with milk (Shur) too in addition to the fresh butter and grape molasses.


While eating the Khudur elders tell stories.

They say that, young singles shouldnt eat the Khudur at the bottom part of the saucepan. If they do, then there will be rain in their Lowzar (Chechen wedding ceramony, party). That part is very delicious and the elders or the guests at home should eat that part.


Wish you like it :)



shalt - 19.08.2007